Hector Aristizabal at BE.BOP art festival. Berlin, May 13-14. Nightwind+Artists talks

BE.BOP 2014. May 02-31 Berlin.


BE.BOP 2014. BLACK EUROPE BODY POLITICS. Exhibition + Talks + Performances

Hector Aristizabal will be participating in this art festival with the following activities:

TUESDAY MAY 13, 9pm:

NIGHTWIND, a solo performance by Hector Aristizabal, followed by a dynamic meditation and Theatre of the Oppressed techniques to process the play.

WEDNESDAY MAY 14, 11-1 pm: Hector Aristizbal takes part in the Artists’ Talks



BE.BOP previous editions (2012-2013) have engaged European audiences in intricate detail with the outrage generated by Black/African Diaspora peoples when confronting a racist world order structured along the lines of coloniality. BE.BOP 2014 now brings re-existence into the hallowed grounds of healing by means of drawing the spiritual map of Pan-Africanism before and after the so-called “Scramble for Africa”. The event will include for the first time an exhibition and a simultaneous presentation in Copenhagen in connection to “Say it Loud!”, so far the largest overall presentation of Jeannette Ehlers’ videoworks at Nikolaj Kunsthal (15.03-25.05.2014).

Ehlers’ video “Whip it Good”, which premiered as a performance during BE.BOP 2013, will be projected in the Foyer of Ballhaus Naunynstrasse. The self-explanatory whipping action in Ehlers’ work brings up unsolved issues regarding enslavement in the Caribbean plantation system and the challenges of coloniality. These are concerns that have been discussed thoroughly at BE.BOP since its pioneering introduction of the theoretical perspective modernity/coloniality/decoloniality conceptualized by a group of thinkers and activists from the Americas, the Caribbean and the US Latino Diaspora in the 90′s.

In his keynote entitled “Spirituality, Subjectivity And (Im) Migrant Consciousness: The Tasks Ahead”, Walter Mignolo, one of the founders of this group and advisor of BE.BOP, will address how the combination of these entanglements has created the conditions for reversing migration movements: from the colonies and ex-colonies to Europe and the US.

Another extraordinary public lecture will be given by Dennis Dickerson with the title “African-American Methodists and the Making of the Civil Rights Movement” in the framekwork of the prestigious Du Bois Lectures organized bythe English and American Studies Department, Humboldt University Berlin.

In the compilation of moving image from previous editions with groundbreaking works by Teresa María Díaz Nerio, Raúl Moarquech Ferrera Balanquet, Mwangi Hutter, Tracey Moffatt, Pascale Obolo and Caecilia Tripp, among others, the public will be able to appreciate how BE.BOP. BLACK EUROPE BODY POLITICS continues its contribution to the radical imagination of European futures in which inmigrants are becoming fundamental players.

For the first time in Berlin, Héctor Aristizábal, will create a space for collective meditation after his 30 minutes performance Nightwind”. Also premiering in Berlin, the film work of Sasha Huber, Joy Elias Rilwan and Jane Thorburn will be presented along the photo series “Platos para los Muertos” (Meals for the Dead) by Yoel Díaz Vázquez dedicated to the Orishas. The exhibition will open with “Poison”, a performance by Charo Oquet , who will involve the audience with her characteristic usage of colour and video projections as healing devices, opening the way to an unprecedented meeting which in the liberating tradition of performance art is free and open to the public.

A project of Art Labour Archives + Kultursprünge im Ballhaus Naunynstraße gemeinnützige GmbH

With the friendly support of Heinrich Böll Stiftung

Curated by Alanna Lockward