What is Social Presencing Theater (SPT)?

Emerging from the work of Japanese-American dancer, choreographer and meditation teacher Arawana Hayashi,  Social Presencing Theatre supports people and groups in accessing a “deeper” and embodied knowing of social reality: by activating the wisdom of the heart and the body. It is Inspired by Theory U, contemplative arts and improvisational dance and offers a practical approach to open up a space in which we practice to be beneficial to one another. It is a way to experience that all human beings have unique and rich wisdom. It is a method to co-create situations in which this wisdom can emerge naturally and crystallize into insights, innovations and fresh ideas.

Why Social Presencing Theater (SPT)?

In the current time of disruptive change, we notice that our old ways of relating and organizing society are not helpful when we try to meet the actual challenges on global and local levels. Many people sense the necessity to create new ways of relating, interacting and creating. Rather than holding onto habits of judgment and fear, there is a rising wish to meet and relate in a healthier and more creative way that is mutually supportive.

It holds a belief that wisdom is innate to all people and groups and arises when we take the time to listen to each other in a deeper way. Rather than focusing on problems the SPT practices invite us to communicate from a place of natural understanding (rather than mind activity). We pay less attention to what we think or know about a situation and more to what it physically feels like to BE in a situation.

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