EarthImaginAction is happy to support the Water Wisdom Dialogue Day 

We invite you to join in ART SENSING a global journey to activate a new Dialogue for humanity sourced out of Wisdom, Love in Action.

Let’s create the WE space to deeply listen and reconnect to our sacred Humanness to re-orient humanity!

ART SENSING, is a creative approach to understanding and expression, where we apply deeply listening and reconnecting with our artistic and poetic capacity we all have , which can help foster empathy, collaboration, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Made with Padlet

The padlet is a space to explore co-create and feed the WISDOM DIALOGUE space – capture and mirror your reflections on water wisdom though art, images, sounds, and actions before, during and after the event JOIN & EXPAND THE MOVEMENT Find the relevant section for your input, Click “+”, enter a location, and upload/link media with title and text. By uploading, you consent to AtmanWay and ImaginAction sharing in the global event and future publications.


This map above can be also accessed via the mobile apps of Padlet and this direct link below