“In all its different forms and colours,  

when our nature speaks, we rise in global citizenship, 

like the seeds in fertile soil, stretching for the sun.”

Throughout the histories of human cultures, connecting with nature’s wisdom allowed us to expand our awareness of self and others. VOICING GAIA is an invitation to engage and iterate a participatory vision of democracy. All voices (human and non) are heard and considered in the global conversation around climate change and the shared responsibility for collective action. It invites us to give Gaia, the living ecosystem we are part of (James Lovelock), a voice. We connect to our intuitive knowing, to each other and the earth as a healing community ritual of care and belonging and reconnection (Joana Macy).

In VOICING GAIA, we create performances, images, and collages using natural elements; we connect with other non-human beings and bring forth a poetic and creative expression of the messages and wisdom they gift us. We amplify our experience through Social Presencing Theater (Arawana Hayashi) as a way to connect with a slower, softer flow of time and life, opening a space of interior peace and reflection. Inspired by Legislative theatre (Augusto Boal), the performance is leading to a citizen-led policymaking dialogue. In these performances, we embody the intelligence of the heart and stage empathy in action to awaken and inform our human beingness and human becomingness



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