In the second decade of the 21st century, we live in an increasingly polarizing and complex world where Global events (and how they are “told to us”) undermine our capacity to truly understand and care for the world. “Back to Earth” integrates insights from Social Presencing Theatre and Theory U to add a self-reflective layer to Augusto Boal’s (Theatre of the Oppressed) Newspaper Theatre techniques. It invites trust in the body’s wisdom and critical self-reflection.

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BACK TO EARTH PART 1 (Primered in the Global Forum Audio Gardens 2022)

English (Voice: Ilaria Olimpico)

Español (Voz: Debora Barrientos)

Português (Voz: Bruno Noff)

After listening are now warmly invited to share reflections, images, audio, or video of the journey on padlet. In this way, our private audience-less performances can become visible to others. Furthermore, please watch, read and comment on other people’s input.  

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For those who complete the journey and wish to continue it, we will offer a group sharing space where we would prepare together the “part 2” of the journey. If you are interested, please get in touch with us at: