We live in a world that is increasingly polarized and complex, Global events (and how we receive them) are shaking our capacity to understand eachother, News images are so shocking that they risk flooding our natural capacity to feel and care for the world.

This ever-growing increase of unmediated information activates traumatic experiences and immobilizes us.

How can theatre and social arts support humanity at this time?

How  to hold authentic spaces to regain our natural strength?

How to meet and transform moments of adversity, disconnection, and inhumanity into a possibility to heal together?

Newspaper Theater is a breakthrough tool developed by Brazilian visionary theatre maker Augusto Boal in the 1970s during the times of the military dictatorship in Brazil. It is the first technique of the Theatre of the Oppressed, Boal’s praxis of aesthetics of liberation, and still is a fresh approach to why and how to do theatre.

In UNLOCK THE NEWS, we adapt Newspaper Theatre for the 21st century to support collective well-being and a thriving future for all.

Throughout the course, we practice and learn Social Presencing Theatre (SPT) to activate the wisdom of the body and add complexity to our theatre practice. We create theatre to engage in a generative dialogue on global events through our lived experience. 

THIS is NOT a learning space where you are just “downloading” information. It is a co-creative and interactive 7-week learning journey that includes live video calls and creative assignments to complete with a group or on your own to apply the learning. 

At the end of the course, you are expected to share via performance, workshop, article or presentation your learning journey in the course.


Uri Noy Meir, the lead course Facilitator and Host, has been researching new approaches to Newspaper Theatre since 2010; he is an international trainer of Theatre of the Oppressed, an advanced practitioner of Social Presencing Theatre and a Dragon Dreaming facilitator.

This is a learning cohort experience, and the TEACHERS of this course include you and your peers, which together with the fourth teacher, the shared SKY and EARTH, are guiding the journey.

What to expect?
5 live video calls to learn and explore together Newspaper Theatre Today
3 co-creative assignments to uncover complexity and depth in news stories. 
1 memorable opportunity to empower and connect as a global community.
A lifetime access to all previous and future recorded sessions.


Check start time in your zone at https://everytimezone.com/s/7afe9434
For scholarships it is necessary to read and fill the form at www.imaginaction.org/scholarships. A possibility for a year long mentoring program as professional development for facilitators (contact Uri to know more).


Newspaper Theatre can enable a critical, empathic and fun conversation on global events. Unlock the News DOJO is a free and safe space to try and get feedback on facilitating Newspaper Theatre online. REGISTER TO JOIN


Newspaper Theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed:  mandalaforchange.comcompetendo.net

“In truth the Theatre of the Oppressed has no end, because everything which happens in it must extend into life. … The Theatre of the Oppressed is located precisely on the frontier between fiction and reality – and this border must be crossed.  to make this world a place to live and be happy in – yes, it is possible – rather than just a vast market in which we sell our goods and our souls. Let’s hope. Let’s work for it!”
Augusto Boal, in Games for Actors and Non-Actors (1992), p. 246

Social Presencing Theatre and Theory U: arawanahayashi.comwww.presencing.org

“A new social art form I call Social Presencing Theater that stages media events and productions to connect different communities and their transformational stories by blending social action research, theater, contemplative practices, intentional silence, generative dialogue, and open space.” –Theory U: Leading From the Future as it Emerges,  C. Otto Scharmer, pp 45