What is this space?

UNFOLDING THE INVIAIBLE is offering a space to practice Social Presence Theatre, Social Arts, meditation and other practices regularly online and on-land, to explore the entanglement of tangible and intangible dimensions and its potential to promote a more awakened society for the good of all.

Who is it for?

Anyone interested in embodiment and the social arts. This practice group can be particularly useful for educators, activists, community organisers, psycho dramatists, psychotherapists, theatre artists and cultural animators. No previous experience is necessary.

Fall season – In the light of the shadow

Starting 14th October for 9 sessions. 4 pm CET till 5.30 pm CET.

We invite you to be part of 9 sessions journey ‘In the light of a shadow’. We are inspired is an installation by the American artist Glenn Kaino.

He connects the dots between the macro and the micro, and across time and space, to offer works that reveal our most uncomfortable social realities. He wonders: in ‘that shadow’, can we find the light? Can a new path be created? He argues that the past is always present. It is a reminder that transformation is the product of slow time, not immediate upheaval.

The challenge and the incredible work that this installation proposes is how to have the imagination to continue walking down a path that is not really clear, or that is not established in front of me. Aesthetic methods and other forms of knowledge enter into this gap, to help make sense of what is emerging.

Our proposal is to explore his work and questions in our practice group.

  • Technical requirements:

You need to install zoom on a computer with speakers and a microphone or wireless earphones. Or you can use a phone or tablet -not recommended. Find a space where you can move and lie down on the floor and where you feel widely not disturbed. If you are going to practice with someone in the same room, each of you needs your own computer, phone or tablet. Being in the same room is possible. Let us know in case you need some advice on how to handle this.

  • Please have handy:

A notebook and a pen. Better to wear comfortable clothes – stay warm/cool!For your own care a bottle of water/tea 

  • This event is gift-based. 

Unfolding the Invisible is a joint programme by ImaginAction and ParamitaLab. Both as non-profit organisations, we chose the collaborative economy. We want to enter into a relationship with you as co-producers and collaborators in transforming ourselves and our world; we are committed to offering an alternative model that supports economic relationships that contribute to a culture of deepening sustainability.

   Please contact via WhatsApp +39 334 206 6723 for more info

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