🌟 The PO.SI.TI.VE. News Challenge- A Call for Creative Facilitators 🎄✨

Teach and support others in creating PO.SI.TI.VE. News Reels Locally and Globally

PO – People/Planet-Oriented – News that has the wellbeing of people and planet in mind!

SI – Socially Innovative – News that involves as many viewpoints as possible on any issue.

TI – Transformative Ideas – News that makes people review their beliefs and “shared” values.

VE – Vivid Engagement – News that gets people excited about living and acting in the world.


  • Production Package: We amplify your voice, work, and positive impact on the world.
  • Group Mentoring: Global community sessions to positively chaRge your life and work.
  • Tech support: Zoom room for one year, with access to monthly digital skills workshops.


Proposal Submission Deadline: December 10th, 2023


The First Round of Workshops will begin on the week before Christmas 2023.

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Selected Value: 2
We targeting for 2 to 6 hours workshops as a start
Selected Value: 25
We suggest a minimum of 10 and maximum of 100 participants per workshop
Selected Value: 45
As organizers we keep 25% + 5 USD per participant to cover our production costs.
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Five key Ethical Guidelines **** 1. Truth and Accuracy: Ensure accurate and truthful reporting, fact-checking all information. Respect for Privacy: **** 2. Obtain consent and respect individuals’ privacy when featuring them in content. **** 3. Cultural Sensitivity: Be culturally sensitive, avoiding stereotypes and embracing diversity. **** 4. Inclusive Framing: Embrace inclusivity and diversity in storytelling, representing varied voices. **** 5. No Harm Principle: Prioritize the well-being of individuals and communities, avoiding content that may cause harm. ****