This is a time of great challenge. Fear, disorientation, polarization, and fragmentation are everywhere. It is also a time of great opportunity. A time for love, clarity, focus, unity, collaboration, and getting ourselves together.

The Labyrinth Of Community is an on-line and on-land (live) laboratory facilitated by Ron Bunzl and Uri Noy-Meir. It explores the idea and practice of community building and includes individual and collective (inner) work on dreams, visions, and intentions, as well as, (outer) work on communication, collaboration, and celebration. The themes of leadership, responsibility, purpose, belonging, friendship, give and take, and camaraderie, are central to this Social Arts Lab.

In ancient traditions, the Labyrinth is a physically, emotionally, philosophically, and spiritually immersive experience intended to challenge the seeker on his/her journey to the realization of some important life goal. The Labyrinth Of Community begins with the question of purpose, intentions, and what is blocking or disturbing our progress. Integrating elelments of Non-Violent Communication, Processwork, Deep Democracy, Social Presencing Theater, Dragon Dreaming, Theatre Of The Oppressed, Improvisation, Conscious Breath and Movement practices, Mindfulness meditation, and more, we guide you through a program, a process, aimed at creating awareness, healing, inspiration, education, and celebration. 

These are factors we believe to be essential for the well being of individuals and communities. And it is this we want to share with people to liberate and motivate, inspire, and realize our dreams.  

If you feel called to enter this adventure please your name and email below and we will contact you soon.