Voicing Gaia invites you to participate in the co-creation of a book of poetry. We invite each of you to submit one climate poem to add to our collective anthology.

As we continue our journey of Voicing Gaia that presented in PPLG 2021: Creating Belonging in Times of Pandemic, is presenting in the Artists for Plants and preparing a collective art-based action for the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26).  We would like to explore this new opportunity for collective, artistic action together.

The project seeks to promote and support non-fiction writing in the emerging genre of climate literature. Per the competition guidelines, your poem may be inspired by any aspect of the climate crisis. All lenses are open for creative examination: science, weather, politics, psychology, sociology, eco-justice, biodiversity, agriculture, ocean acidification, economics, ecology, environmentalism, energy, extinction events, spirituality, ethics, morality, infrastructure, sustainability, activism, solutions or anything else.

The competition is now open for submissions. While the final deadline for submission is January 8, 2022, we would like to receive submissions from all interested writers by November 15th, so that we have plenty of time to format and edit the works together.

Our hopeful goal is to receive 100 poems from 100 different writers.

We would also like to invite artists and editors, that may be among us, to help in the formatting and editing process after November 15th.

You are encouraged to write the poem in your own language!

If you are not able to submit to the form below contact us via gaiaspoems@imaginaction.org