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Uri Noy Meir

Uri Noy Meir is a social arts facilitator and consultant with over 12 years of experience using participatory methods. Uri leads and supports creative teams and projects worldwide to lead socially aware leaders in their lives and work. He teaches, facilitates, and consults learning organizations across sectors and cultures. He already hosted over 1000 transformative sessions, enabling a direct connection to the wisdom of the here and now.

Uri graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2009 (Theatre and Latin American Studies) and is based in central Italy. In his practice-based research, he employs Social Presencing Theater, Dragon Dreaming, Theater of the Oppressed, and Games to make visible trans-formative patterns in human ecosystems, build collective dreams, and empower people and communities to act for the future and earth, locally and globally.

Weaving together with a diverse network of collaborating artists, practitioners, and researchers worldwide, Uri facilitates, envisions, and co-creates programs that let emerge dreams and talents of people, organizations, and communities emerge.

Over five years of experience with multi-stakeholder change facilitation and social innovation at ANCI Umbria and a deep understanding of intersectionality, Uri has designed and implemented programs that prioritize the needs and perspectives of marginalized communities; these programs have consistently demonstrated an understanding of the challenge of recognizing and navigating the combined impact of the multiple dimensions along which discrimination is experienced by those who often remain unheard and unseen by the “Mainstream.”

Since 2020 Uri has been an online teacher at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt of Newspaper Theatre. He has taught over 100 students, educators, and facilitators via Zoom video to use the platform to create connective moments that grow and expand a sense of possibility in the relational field generated in such spaces. Furthermore, he was the designer and head developer of the first fully online ImaginAction Mentoring program, gathering leaders for reconnection to reimagine the future of education via social art practices.

Uri is the ideator and co-founder of Bama Maps, a nature-led mental wellness platform that aims to solve the growing problem of workplace stress, anxiety, and burnout. The platform facilities students, employees, and whole organizations to integrate the healing power of nature into their daily lives.