Samba Mbalo

Samba is an actor and director, from Senegal and the Ivory Coast, aged 34. He is an animator in his community with 12 years of experience with social interventions strategies. After studies in sociology then journalism, he contributed to developing forum-theatre in Senegal via the Senegalese federation for popular theatre, a group of 2000 actors, whose general secretary is Samba. He collaborated with African technicians and all over the world for exchange and experiences sharing projects.

Samba is a certified community mediator, the artistic director of Scène Egale théâtre-forum and the leader of the project for the African Center for theatrical and artistic research (Centre Africain de Recherche Théâtrale et Artistique) in Casamance, Senegal. Samba Mbalo leads workshops in Senegal, Africa and Europe.