Pia Goldbecker

Pia is based in Malmö (Sweden) where she researches on connections between personal and political peacebuilding processes. She explores this through her own practices in contact improvisation dance, theatre of the oppressed and NVC (nonviolent communication).

As part of her Peace and Conflict Studies thesis project, she researched on the relation between creative expression and internal and external peaces. Since August she interns with ImaginAction and has been trained in theatre of the oppressed approaches and NVC (nonviolent communication)- based mediation. As part of the NVC global rising  year program 2021/2022, she supports participants as part of the care team.

Further she is interested in combining physical and verbal exercises that explore power dynamics within and between us.  An important focus of her work is to invite to critically self reflect while also practicing being softwith our minds and bodies. She researches on qualities of boundaries and their potential for connection points.