Paul M. Pulé

Dr. Paul M. Pulé dedicates his life to transforming traditional notions of masculinities to include broader, deeper, and wider care.

He is an Australian gender and environment activist, scholar and social entrepreneur specialising in men’s lives and their impacts on planet, people and self. In Feb of 2019, Paul joined Martin at Chalmers University in Sweden as a research fellow to further explore the intersections between masculine identities and climate justice. He has several additional publications and community conversations on ecological masculinities unfolding.  Providing novel contributions to university course content on gender and environment, his work also appears in numerous academic texts and popular science reports on the masculinities of white supremacy and climate change denial, with applications in Transitions activism as well.

His consultancy, MenAlive Australia, provides research and community education on social constructions of masculinities in support of systemic transformations, along with profeminist mentoring for boys and men as individuals and groups. Paul’s specialties formed the basis of his first book with Martin Hultman, an Earth-inspired and profeminist monograph titled: Ecological Masculinities: Theoretical Foundations and Practical Guidance (2018), which explored the costs of toxic swaggers on planet, people and self, while seeking alternatives that celebrate a deep green future for all of life. He is a leading contributor to the growing international exploration of these topics.

Paul’s recent additional publications include contributions to Climate Hazards, Disasters, and Gender Ramifications (2019) and Ecomasculinities: Negotiating Male Gender Identity in U.S. Fiction (2019).