Débora Barrientos

Débora Barrientos, MA (Emotional Intelligence)
Débora currently is a systemic organizational and social consultant and facilitator. She has a large experience working with CEOs, leaders, and truly talented people from different kinds of organizations across the globe, from communities and NGOs to corporations and other private institutions. Through her work, she supports the process of achieving organizational and social transformation in collaboration with an experienced multidisciplinary network. The essence of her practice is to generate higher levels of individual and collective consciousness and empower people to realise their full potential. She draws on the techniques Theory U, Social Presencing Theater, Mindfulness and emotional intelligence to first bring awareness and from there transform the narrative and in consequence behaviours and culture. She also runs training in diversity and inclusion. She is also a field researcher, and she uses the frame of psychoanalysis approach to do so. She is also a Vipassana Practitioner. She has been teaching at University since 2010. Currently, she teaches Organizational development as an Associate Teacher at a Master career at Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora and also a guest teacher at different universities. She is driven by a high sense of social justice as well as strong support for sustainability and well-being, and she believes in our individual responsibility to introduce constructive changes that will improve the systems that we are part of.