The Tortured: Stories of Survival (documentary trailer). 2013

Zahrah Pictures Presents A film by Murad Aldin Amayreh:


Beneath the Blindfold, (documentary trailer). “Best 2012 political documentary” — CHICAGO READER. Four torture survivors from around the globe face the psychological and physical fallout from their experience, while going through the daunting steps of building new lives, careers, and relationships. The human rights documentary “Beneath the Blindfold” takes an unflinching look at the consequences of torture through the eyes of survivors while celebrating their ability to regain agency and hope.  Directed by Ines Sommer and Kathy Berger


Trained for pain: get your torture degree from School of the Americas, Russia Today, July 2011:

Somos Una América, (full video) is the story of people from across the Americas, who are united in their struggle against the Pentagon mindset that is promoting U.S. domination and “military solutions” in the Western Hemisphere. The film provides background on the School of the Americas and the campaign to shut it down, and then Somos Una América moves further: the film puts a spotlight on U.S. militarization and features the voices of a rising hemisphere-wide anti-militarization movement.

Nightwind at SOA Watch, 2008: