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Héctor Aristizábal presenta su obra Viento Nocturno, con la que ha visitado más de 45 países, en la que explora la capacidad de los seres humanos de transformar en acciones creadoras los sentimientos destructivos de quienes han sido víctimas de la violencia y la guerra.

Angelo Miramonti – C’est quoi le Theatre Forum? L’OIM Haïti vous présente la réponse

What is Theatre of the Oppressed? Interview with Angelo Miramonti

Hector Aristizábal – The medicine is in the wound

Hector Aristizábal – True education.. participating in the ongoing creation of the world

Creating experiences that heal 

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Interview with Sonali Kohatkar November 29, 2016

FEATURING HECTOR ARISTIZABAL – Colombian President Juan Manual Santos, just about a month after winning the Nobel Peace Prize, oversaw the negotiation of a historic peace accord that is meant to formally end one of the most politically violent chapters in his nation’s history. In a move that shocked the world, Colombians narrowly voted against ratifying the peace deal in early October. Now, this new attempt at salvaging what voters rejected, circumvents direct democracy.

The talks for the original peace deal that brought together Colombian government officials with representatives of the rebel FARC group, were hosted by Cuba, a nation that lost its greatest leader over the weekend. Fidel Castro passed away at the age of 90.

Interview with Sonali Kolhatkar about this years SOAW convergence at the border. ImaginAction attended and worked with the puppetistas in the creation of giant puppets used for the non-violent actions. Every year the group School of the Americas Watch leads a major march and protest near the Institute in Fort Benning, Georgia. This year organizers moved the march to Nogales, to the US-Mexico border to protest, the militarization of the border and the criminalization of refugees and migrants. The gathering took place from October 7-10.

Hector Aristizabal and Luc Opdebeeck at ICAF conference. Introduction to Legislative Theater.

Hector Aristizabal, director de ImaginAction y Luis M. Benitez, coordinador de la ONG. Corporación Otra Escuela fueron invitados a acompañar al equipo psico-social de OIM (Organizacion Internacional para las Migraciones) y La
Unidad Para las Víctimas en un proceso de socialización del deseo de las FARC-EP de pedir perdón a la comunidad por los hechos acaecidos en Mayo 2 de 2002 conocidos como la “Masacre de Bojayá”

Entrenamiento de Teatro Foro desarrollado en Colombia usando el teatro como laboratorio social para entrenar equipos psicosociales. En este caso ofrecimos talleres de formación y sistematización con nuestro amigo y colaborador Luis Benitez, director de Corporación Otra Escuela y la financiación de la OIM (Organización Internacional para las Migraciones). En este taller participaron miembros de La Unidad para Las Víctimas, el equipo psicosocial de OIM y El Ministerio de Salud y protección Social. Los videos son realizados por el maravilloso equipo audio visual de Pataleta en Bogota.

February 2016. Lecture by Hector Aristizábal: Imagining Peace? At Chaos & Conflict, organised by ArtEZ studium generale: War and violence are the expression of a collapse of imagination in societies polarized by conflict. Art is the place where humanity heals. Hector Aristizábal will share his experiences using theatre as a laboratory to find creative alternatives to conflict and as an ancient form of ritual.

March 2015. With partner organization ImaginAction, The Pasadena Playhouse  co-created two community-devised Forum Plays. This video documents the first Forum Play devised during our first year of a new initiative titled Mi Historia, Mi Manera, which aims to increase arts participation amongst Latina/o adults. During our first year, we co-created 17 workshops with the Latino/a community using Theatre of the Oppressed and Forum Theatre, a practice of using theatre techniques to promote social and political change. The community devised bi-lingual play Estamos Aqui… Where Do We Go? included 13 community members as performers and it culminated with 4 public performances at different community centers throughout Northwest Pasadena throughout March, 2015.

The Therapeutic Power of Performance — EAST SIDE INSTITUTE COMMUNITY NEWS: plenary session at Performing the World 2012:  Can Performance Change Save the World featuring Hector Aristizabal, Lenora Fulani,Artin Göncü, Lin Ching-Hsia,  Christine LaCerva and more…

August 2013. Hector Aristizabal’s non-profit Imaginaction travels to Palomino, Colombia and uses Theatre of the Oppressed techniques to help a community heal and transform. This video was filmed and edited by Steve LeSieur.

A fun compilation of images from our July 2014 internship in Palomino-Colombia put together by Catalina Mullis:

‘Our Lives Without You’ a Theatre of Witness production directed by Alessia Cartoni looks at six family members of those killed in the Ballymurphy massacre share their poetic stories about mourning, loss and healing.

Our Lives Without You. Stories Beyond the Legacy of the Ballymurphy Massacre from Cmore Films on Vimeo.

´Sanctuary. A short doumentary film´. Filmed and Directed by Declan Keeney this short documentary shot on location in Northern Ireland goes behind the scenes with those involved in the internationally renowned Theatre of Witness project of the same name. The theatre work was devised by Artistic Director Teya Sepinuck at the Playhouse in Derry/Londonderry and brings together those marginalised in society to give voice to their stories. A place where art and social justice meet. The film reflects on the stories of those involved, which include asylum seekers, refugees, victims of institutional abuse and others.

Sanctuary: A Short Documentary Film from QUB Film Studies on Vimeo.

‘Nightwind’, Hector Aristizábal’s solo performance, filmed by Giulia Frova and Oscar F. Vega, edited by Oscar F. Vega, 2014 :

A short video after the first Theatre of the Oppressed Festival in Colombia, Bogotá, July 2013:

Aftermovie of the Community Arts Lab Festival (20 & 21 June, Utrecht).

“Panel for Peace – Dialogue on Peace and Theatre” June 22, 2013, Rotterdam-The Netherlands: a live interactive panel discussion with theatre activists from around the world, on the 22nd of June 2013. Members of the panel were: Chen Alon, Hector Aristizábal, Hadi Marifat, Zahra Yagana and Teya Sepinuck, the panel was hosted by Luc Opdebeeck of FORMAAT.
The panel is part of the E-Motive – Oxfam Novib network and happened in association with IKV Pax Christi / Ministerie van Vrede, CAL / Vrede van Utrecht and Movisie.

Friday January 11, 2013 marks the eleventh anniversary of the opening of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center. The notorious facility received its first 20 prisoners on January 11, 2002. In the years since, shocking revelations of prisoner abuse, prisoner suicide and repeated desecrations of the Koran have dogged both the Bush and Obama administrations.Hector Aristizabal, Los Angeles based activist and a member of the Program for Torture Victims, also a torture survivor himself. On Thursday January 10th 2013, Uprising host Sonali Kolhatkar spoke with Hector in studio about Guantanamo and about a Los Angeles event taking place on January 11th calling for the closure of the facility.Watch a video of the interview  in KPFK radio here:

The work that ImaginAction has been developing in Tigers Bay, a loyalist community in Belfast/Northern ireland, on the issues of suicide, gambling and alcohol, November 2012. Edited by Uri Noy-Meir:

A talk that our Creative director Hector gave in Belfast regarding the role of imagination in our struggle for human rights, December 2012:

An interview with Hector Aristizábal about Nightwind, his solo performance about his own experience with torture in Colombia.Utrecht, the Netherlands, March 2012:

A glimpse into the energy, joy, playfulness and gifts of the children of West Belfast participating in our sessions in Northern Ireland with Hector Aristizábal, Alessia Cartoni, Uri Noy-Meir and 5 interns from Italy and Spain, during November 2012:

This is how a road trip during our internship program looks like. A trip to the giant’s Causeway with Yke, Giulia, Eider, Oscar, Angelo and Alessia in october 2012, N.Ireland:

An interview with Hector with simultaneous translation in Italian by Alessia about the multiplication of Theatre of the Oppressed in the world. Milan,Italy, August 2012:

A conversation with Hector Aristizábal about Forum Theatre, august 2012:

Video about Nightwind, a solo performance by Hector Aristizábal about his own torture and its interactive workshop. Edited by Uri Noy-Meir, 2012:

Performance that ImaginAction’s Alessia Cartoni in collaboration with other friends did in the streets of Madrid related to the abusive prices of housing in Spain. How does living in a tiny-30m apartment looks like? 2 of us were living it it for an entire day and this got the attention of kids, the neighborhood and even media, in a way that we’ll always remember. It was 2006, now in 2013 we keep fighting for this and other basic rights. TOMA LA PLAZA!

Under Pressure, a Forum Theatre Play developed in 2010 by Hector Aristizábal and Luc Opdebeeck at FORMAAT, Rotterdam, The Netherlands:


The Forum after Under Pressure:


A short documentary on the work that ImaginAction’s Allegra Fonda-Bonardi in collaboration with Green Camel Bell are developing in Gansu Province (China) in 2011-2012 about environmental issues in the Yellow River through theatre.

A video mapping the journey of ImaginAction artists Christine Baniewicz and Uri Noy Meir over the last four months of 2011-from the separation walls in Belfast to the separation walls in Palestine-from wall to wall.


ImaginAction around the World, a summary of activities for 2011, edited by Uri Noy-Meir:

Imaginaction: Taller de Teatro del Oprimido en Bogotá, Colombia

Uploaded on Jun 14, 2011

En junio de 2011, la GIZ, el Colectivo “Hombres y Masculinidades”, e Imaginaction, realizaron una serie de talleres destinados a tratar las dinámicas de desigualidad de género que se dan a lo interno de diversas organizaciones sociales. Aquí un pequeño resumen del taller dictado por el actor y psicólogo Héctor

En mayo de 2010, la GIZ y el Colectivo “Hombres y Masculinidades” realizaran una serie de talleres dirigidos por Hector Aristizabal en el marco del Auto 092 y su Programa de participacion, proteccion y prevencion de las mujeres lideresas:


A  video in Spanish about Festival International de Teatro in in Barrancabermeja that Diane Lefer and Hector Aristizabal attended in June 2011:


A short video of the ImaginAction team’s residency theatre project in Derry, Northern Ireland (January/February 2011), editted by Uri Noy-Meir:


Bill Hamilton interviews Hector on politics, torture, and his  performance in Kiss of the Spider Woman (Autumn 2010):


American Friends Service Committee interview Hector about his work, June 2008:

One of ImaginAction’s first projects in Palestine, The Olive Tree Circus: