What is Dragon Dreaming?

Dragon Dreaming draws on the long experience of the Australian Gaia Foundation, living systems thinking, jungian psychology, freirean pedagogy  and the deep understanding of indigenous Australian Aboriginal and other ecological wisdom. It ignites collective intelligence and unleash our creative genius that has inspired and kick started many transformative projects and organisations across the world. It is also a network of practitioners that collaborates to inspire the emergence of  a win-win-win culture.


Why Dragon Dreaming?

In Dragon Dreaming we learn to dance with the fears of our “Dragons”, so we liberate and awake our personal power and talents. We discover the importance of celebration and dreaming in our life’s projects.

A dragon Dreaming workshop would provide a space where you could:

  • Find new inspiration and new energies for your life and work
  • Receive new tools for working with groups and organizations
  • Meet with people creating and collaborating on beautiful projects
  • Engage in building a win-win-win culture around the world, for everybody

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