Ilaria Olimpico

Intercultural Trainer, Theater Facilitator and Storyteller

Ilaria Olimpico was born in Nola (Naples, Italy) in 1981. She holds a BA in International and Diplomatic Sciences at University Orientale in Naples, with research in Arab-Islamic world. She chose to leave the field of international cooperation  and chose to be an intercultural trainer, theater facilitator and storyteller. 

She leads workshops and training in intercultural relations, workshops of non formal education with teenagers and children, using arts as tools of education (in the original meaning of educere: “to bring forth”), integrating different languages (theater, storytelling, writing) to let different talents and intelligences emerge.

Her focus is the practice of “sensible” languages as channels of awareness, research, learning, conflict transformation and salutogenesis.

Ilaria writes stories on TheAlbero wordpress and on