social artists across borders

We believe that creativity is the everyone’s birthright, and wish to cultivate “a global family” of social artists, community activists, and facilitators building trans-formative and regenerative communities across borders.


“the Social Artist’s medium is the human community. She or he seeks innovative solutions to troubling conditions, is a lifelong learner ever hungry for insights, skills, imaginative ideas and deeper understanding of present-day issues… The Social Artist helps remove the obstacles that prevent people from being all they can be, thereby enabling them to realize their potential. Jean Houston


ways to get involved

ImaginAction supports and showcases the important work and ecosystemic value social artists, facilitators, community activists and grassroots organizers bring to their communities and society at large. If you feel you would dedicate your personal gifts (talent), professional skills (know how) your life experience to build greater collective well-being through the arts. There could be many ways you could support and join this team effort our online and offline operations worldwide. Our needs and possibilities change from time to time but is always a good time to approach and setup a conversation about possible ways to build and co create together.
You can also get involved by offering to facilitate workshops and events which might support social artists and community organizers and activists in their grassroots efforts to bring about a better world. Facilitators would be invited meetings of the global mentoring program, iterating and researching new forms of co learning and multiplying the trasformative power of the arts to complex eco-social challenges like climate change, gender violence, racism and global inequality. Spot workshops and events are either offered free, or with a sliding scale payments in which you choose the investment want to make.

ImaginActions international network of practitioners work with communities effected by conflict to support ecosystemic transformation process needed for our future living on earth. In June 2020 we launched for the first time an online summer school program. We are currently developing a global mentoring program and a blended learning website that builds on ImaginAction’s decades of experience with arts, activism, and social action. The program as the new website will use the latest and most innovative social technologies, to support social artists and activists worldwide in building transformative and regenerative communities across borders. If you feel called to take part of this vision consider joining the global mentoring program.