The Art and Science of Reconnecting with Self, Others, and Nature.

Theatre that ReConnects is an emerging Social Arts form created with the horizon of reconnection to the self, others, and Nature. It is inspired by the ‘Work that Reconnects’ (WTR), a practice born of the teachings and experiential methods developed by Joanna Macy and collaborators, which: “builds motivation, creativity, courage and solidarity for the transition to a sustainable human culture”. It offers framework for creative research tools for action research which grows as an aesthetical expression of the Work That Reconects to be shared more widely with the world. The knowledge, experience, and tools of Theatre that Re-connects come from diverse sources, the Work that Reconnects, Theatre of the Oppressed, Participatory Arts, Storytelling, Focusing, Dragon Dreaming, and Social Presencing Theatre. It results from a decade of integration work and action research of TheAlbero Collective Founders and ImaginAction Social Arts Facilitators Ilaria Olimpico and Uri Noy Meir.

Why Theatre that ReConnects and why now?

We live in a time of systemic crisis that asks for a paradigmatic change, an ancient-new culture, and consciousness awaiting to arise. Art and theatre provide ways for personal and social transformation from a power-over society towards a life-sustaining culture of peace. Theatre that ReConnects can hep us understand better the patterns that support collective wellbeing, and can cultivate essential social skills such as deep listening, creativity, and empathy Theatre that ReConnects  would like to be a helpful framework and method to do action research that can support educators, caregivers, teachers, social researchers, coaches, consultants, and group facilitators at this time.

Upcoming Events: A Calendar of Re-connection