From Sitting around the fire to Theatre on Zoom we are the storytellers of our own lives. We create the future through words and intention as we express our dreams and make them into reality, As you start this journey you are invited to take a short moment to set an intention.

Before starting I invite to take time to “land in the present moment”.

You can do it by taking a walk in nature or a personal practice that helps you ground your attention.

A suggested practice could be the 20 minutes dance practice you see and practice here.

1)Set an intention and personal learning goals for the course.

2) Read back your intention and take time to feel the resonance of your intention.

4)  Journal (write or draw) any further personal reflections you might have.

5) Share about yourself and your intention on the course’s Sutra circle

Thank you for taking the time to set an intention for this course!

Here is a Reflection question for the week:

How are theatre and storytelling appearing in my day to day life?