From Vision into Action

In this workshop we will use some basic Theatre of the Oppressed techniques to explore some of the topics that nowadays are being debated by our societies.The challenge is to debate these topics not with words or with our agendas, but embracing the questions on stage,on a Forum Theatre Play, by rehearsing together alternatives that could lead to transformation.

Designed for non-actors,Theatre of the Oppressed uses the universal language of theatre as a springboard for people and whole communities to investigate their lives, identify their dreams, and reinvent their future. T.O. invites critical thinking and dialogue. It is about analyzing rather than giving answers. It is also about “acting” (taking action) rather than just talking. With T.O., people can and often do discover empowering solutions to their own struggles. We use theater as a laboratory to explore alternatives to conflict while at the same time having a great time doing it!

This workshop is ideal for TO practitioners working with marginalized groups, TO jokers, people interested in social work, mental health and healing, as well as actors, teachers, artists and activists.

Facilitated by Hector Aristizábal and Alessia Cartoni

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