From Desire into Action

Imagine if you could slow the voices in your mind enough to speak with them, honor them, learn their needs and mobilize them on your own behalf. Imagine doing this in a group, a small community. Now imagine being led through this transformative experience by a pair of master artists committed to healing and social justice, with more than 30 years of combined theatre work in communities around the world.

In this workshop, Hector Aristizábal and Alessia Cartoni will introduce basic Rainbow of Desire and Cops-in-the-Head techniques in order to explore our desires and confront our internalized oppressions. They will use drumming, storytelling and Augusto Boal’s methodology “to make visible the invisible” and engage in our most important human struggle: the struggle to become ourselves.


This workshop is ideal for practitioners working with marginalized groups, people interested in mental health and healing, as well as teachers, actors, artists and activists…No theatre experience is needed!!!!

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