From Vision into Action: Tools of ImaginAction in the Netherlands, Mar 30 – Apr 1

An interactive workshop with Hector Aristizabal
March 30, 31 and April 1, 2012

“Tools of ImaginAction” offers a laboratory to learn through experience the use of several techniques and philosophies: Theater of the Oppressed, Playback Theater, Psychodrama, Council Circle, traditional storytelling and others. The basic principles of our work are inspired by the techniques of Theater of the Oppressed (TO) that were created by Brazilian visionary, Augusto Boal. Theatre of the Oppressed is a form of popular community based education which uses theater as a tool for social transformation. It’s basic philosophy is to re-humanize humanity.

Originally developed out of Boal’s work with peasant and worker populations, it is now used all over the world for social and political activism, conflict transcendence, community building, therapy, and government legislation among other applications. Designed for non-actors, it uses the universal language of theatre as a springboard for people and whole communities to investigate their lives, identify their dreams, and reinvent their future. T.O. invites critical thinking and dialogue. It is about analyzing rather than giving answers. It is also about “acting” (taking action) rather than just talking. With T.O., people can and often do discover empowering solutions to their own struggles. We use theater as a laboratory to explore alternatives to conflict while at the same time having a great time doing it!


This intensive workshop is designed to train participants to use these tools with both adults and youth. Focus will be on community building games, Image Theatre, Forum Theatre, some Rainbow of Desire and Cops in the Head techniques.

Each day will include time to discuss the previous day’s work and the art of facilitation, as well as applications in the field. For this process we will use “council circle” principles.

These highly adaptable techniques can be immediately applied by teachers, social workers, psychotherapists, activists, community organizers, and theatre artists, etc. in their own contexts. Also for anyone interested in exploring themselves and the society in which we live. Absolutely no theatre background necessary.

The workshop explores how a community can envision a desired goal and concrete ways of achieving that goal. This addresses the key question of how to build a desired goal out of a conflict from the perspective of conflict transformation. The focus of the work is relationship-centered and not content-centered. The point is to explore a dialogue – the end is less important than the means. By its nature, theatre for social change does not work to de-escalate conflict, but rather recognizes the ecology of conflict as an ebb and flow. In addition, the workshop will include a component to address individuals’ personal transformations, which contribute to actualizing and sustaining a greater vision.



Hector Aristizabal was born in Medellín, Colombia where he had a distinguished career as director, actor, playwright, and psychologist. He has lived in exile in the U.S. since 1989  where he serves on the board of the Program for Torture Victims and brings theatre skills to his psychotherapeutic work with those who, like himself, are survivors of torture. As a therapist, he has provided services to prisoners, AIDS patients and their families, emotionally disturbed youth, and low-income immigrant communities. He co-founded the Colombia Peace Project-LA and Theatre of the Oppressed-Los Angeles and leads TO workshops based on the techniques of Brazilian theatre artist and activist Augusto Boal. He has performed on stage and screen and his solo work has been featured in theatrical venues, festivals, and human rights conferences around the world. He is ImaginAction’s founder and creative director.


Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 till 17:00
Participation fee: 280- Euro
Students: 250-Euro

Balkstraat 31
3513XL Utrecht, The Netherlands.

More info:
Mobiel: 0639505737