Palestine – ARTivism and non violence

In October 2008, ImaginAction sponsored The Olive Tree Circus’s visit to the West Bank of occupied Palestine. The Circus–a collective of peace advocates, human rights activists, parents, nurses, farmers, cooks, artists, teachers, land surveyors, performers, Palestinians, Jews and Christians– toured the villages surrounding Bethlehem and Ramallah during the last two weeks in October. They worked with youth in the refugee camps, the YMCA in Bethlehem and a neighborhood theatre group, Alharh, to create puppets out of local recycled items. They taught circus skills and left equipment for ongoing collective projects, ultimately creating a space for Palestinian youth to channel their aspirations, fears, and creative energies using theatre. Hector accompanied the tour, performing and offering Theatre of the Oppressed workshops in the camps around Bethlehem. Upon their return to the U.S. the Circus shared their experiences with more performances and slideshows. Read about this work here.

Since than ImaginAction has continued to engage and create projects in Palestine and abroad on the Palestinian issue

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