Teatro in Comune/Theatre in Common Festival-Casalbordino/Italy, 13-17 November 2013

This Festival organized by theAlbero in association with ImaginAction, will be held in the town of Casalbordino in the province of Chieti at Abruzzo region of Italy. The Festival will engage the local community, larger community and international participants in dialogue and reflection on issues of sustainability, social justice and celebrate inclusiveness and human rights.
The Festival also acts as a gathering for groups and individuals interested in using Art, Theater, Dance, Narration and Theater of the Oppressed for community building, community dialogue and community healing.

The festival will be in English with Italian translation or in Italian with English translation. We are arranging accommodation in the Festival’s B&B (let me know if you want us to reserve you a place in it) or with rented apartments in the town. Prices would be 15 euro a night or 70 for 5 nights (including breakfast)

Alessia and Hector will be offering RE-WEAVING STORIES OF THE COMMUNITY, a 4day advanced workshop inside the festival’s programme. November 14-15-16-17, 2013

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