Support the Freedom Bus project in occupied Palestine!

Oye, amigos!

ImaginAction is pleased to announce it’s endorsement of The Freedom Bus, an upcoming Playback Theatre project in the West Bank of occupied Palestine. For nine days, a convoy of buses filled with Palestinian actors and musicians will tour cultural and political sites throughout the West Bank. At each stop--in olive groves, Beduin encampments, cities and villages–the artists will disembark to give innovative Playback Theatre performances. At each performance, audience members will be invited to share personal stories about a variety of topics particular to life under military occupation (water shortage, house demolitions, the refugee experience). After listening to their stories, the artists will immediately transform them into improvised theatre pieces. For more on this exciting project, click here to visit their website.

But where is ImaginAction in all this?

ImaginAction artist Christine Baniewicz has announced her intention to ride with the Freedom Bus as a continuation of her work in the region earlier this year. In her own words, “a rich, non-violent civil rights movement is emerging in Palestine. Israel shoulders immense responsibility as a result: will they pursue a repressive, violent policy against such resistance? Or will they respond by developing a new kind of peace on the ground?” The Freedom Bus provides a unique opportunity to document this historic juncture, and Christine wants to be there, pen in hand, to archive this movement.

We are fundraising to support her work, and any gift you can extend is deeply appreciated. Click here to make a secure, tax-deductible donation online or through the mail. Share this page with a friend! Post it on your wall! The more who know, the more the work can grow.