1-3.9.2017 – Ritual Theater and Community Healing Oslo Norway

As our world is becoming increasingly turbulent, this workshop invites us to look into our own experiences and awaken the wisdom in our individual and collective psyche. In this changing world we can ground ourselves by connecting to the messages available in our own life and to awaken what has been called the inner genius or the gifts that we each have to offer to the world. Indigenous traditions call this our medicine, the wisdom we gain from healing our own wounds. We need community, and to remember our connection to nature, to heal and tap into this part of ourselves.

Our group will become a “sudden village” and provide a laboratory as we do this work. The workshop will be developed through the exploration of personal stories, using Rainbow of Desire and Cops in the Head techniques from the arsenal of Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed. We will explore our personal and collective wounds by using nature-centered practices from Johanna Macy’s Deep Ecology, including council circle and dream sharing, as well as teachings on The Four Directions. We will blend these practices to create healing rituals and explore collective responses. In this way we may be able to find antidotes to fear and despair, depression and aggression, as well as inspiration for a more meaningful life.

The workshop is open for anyone. It may be particularly ideal for teachers, actors, artists, activists and others interested in social and environmental justice work, mental health and healing. No theatre experience is needed.

TIME: September 1, 2 and 3, from 9.00 to 16.30 each day

COST: 2800 NOK. If paid before August 1st: 2300 NOK

CONTACT / REGISTRATION: Email: Tel. + 47 4548 7891

About Hector Aristizábal
Hector is a psychotherapist and theater practitioner and has combined his many years of experience and research to create spaces for healing. In 2000 he founded ImaginAction to help people use the transformative and healing power of theater in communities around the world. He has traveled extensively to war-torn and post conflict areas such as Afghanistan, Ukraine, Guatemala, Colombia, Syria, Palestine and Northern Ireland, and has worked with diverse groups dealing with traumatic experiences. Hector´s work reflects his own personal search for what he calls finding the medicine in the wound and his interest in the creation of healing rituals by tapping into ancestral practices.

About Miriam Latif Sandbaek
Miriam is a Social Anthropologist and Transformational Coach, currently supporting people in moving through life transitions and to more fully connect with and bring their gifts to the world. Miriam has studied nature-based rites of passage work and community healing rituals, with the School of Lost Borders, and from Storyteller and Mythologist Michael Meade, among others. Miriam has a background as a researcher on migration, and is particularly interested in our stories about the world and our place in it, and in how we can live into new stories, individually and collectively.