Recent News from OLive Tree Circus 10,2008

Short video of The Olive Tree Circus October 2008

On October 31’08 our Olive Tree Circus Puppettistas were attacked with other Internationals while participating in a non-violent demonstration in Bili’n.

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Internationals in Palestina

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Dear Friends,
To read about the circus visit Deema Dabis, Our amazing fire
dancer.writer, blog. She knows how to capture a moment and she does an
amazing job taking you through her words on the journey with us to
Palestine. Her blog can be accessed from our website under News or
through the link below.

Deema Dabis blog

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, November 2008,







Southern California Chronicle





By Pat and Samir Twair
 Stay tune for more images and more narrative about this wonderful experience.