Re-Weaving the Stories of the Community- Workshop, Casalbordino/Italy 14-17 November

Alessia and Hector will be offering RE-WEAVING STORIES OF THE COMMUNITY, a 4day advanced workshop inside the feltival´s program. November 14-15-16-17, 2013:

Workshop´s short description: Using our experiences as social theater practitioners we  will explore a blend of different methodologies as approaches to eliciting a story from the communities we work with. From the personal to the political in Theater of the Oppressed; the traditional myths as symbolic maps where we can all identify ourselves; Playback Theater  as a way to symbolize personal stories  and Theater of Witness in which we help the storyteller discover the medicine in his/her own story and be able to tell it to a larger audience. In all this forms the practitioner has a variety of forms to serve the stories that need to be told as a way to transform the communities.  

Full price for the workshop 240€, early bird fee, before october 1st, 180€

more info: