PTV 2018 – ImaginAction Lab in LA

ImaginAction LA offered another year of writing, art, and theater games with survivors served by the Program for Torture Victims

The Place That Raised Me

I come from two weather seasons, wet and dry.
I come from raindrops hitting the iron sheets,

Oh, how I love the sound!

I come from running and playing in the banana
plantations, the beautiful smell of earth.
I come from weaver birds’ sounds, the natural alarm

The place that raised me.
I come from hills and valleys, the roads
that led me to school.

I come from dusty and dried up grass paths,
how my shoes were worn out easily.
I come from congested taxis and tall
buildings, the noisy but lively space.
I come from busy streets and crowded
spaces, how hard working everyone is.
The place that raised me.
I come from various tribes and cultures,
different people but united.

I come from different characters and personalities,

all similar but special in a way.
I come from different foods, the taste of

natural flavor.

I come from home, a home far and far away.
The place that raised me.