Read below about the organizations ImaginAction partners with in Hector’s homeland, Colombia.

Red Juvenil de Medellín is a courageous youth organization, operating centers in some of the toughest barrios. They offer arts and culture programs, human rights forum, and inspire young people to choose conscientious objection over participation in any of Colombia’s armed groups–legal or illegal.

Cercapaz, funded by the German government with the cooperation of Colombia, has an unwavering commitment to nonviolence and to the poor. They work with some of the most marginalized and oppressed people of Colombia, addressing sociopolitical issues, funding programs for local governments, and supporting groups working with issues of gender relations and rights.

Hector was interviewed by Cercapaz about Forum Theatre and his work; read the article in Spanish here.  Latino LA published Diane’s article (this time in English) about the work in Colombia. Finally, you can read an account of Hector’s return to Medellin here  in Colombia Reports.

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