Nonviolence Work in Northern Ireland

ImaginAction in Derry, January/February 2011

In the frigid frost of February 2011, Hector Aristizabal and four international apprentices facilitated a one-month Tools of ImaginAction residency project in Derry, Northern Ireland.

For five weeks the five artists gave workshops and masterclasses in Derry and the Greater Shantallow area to the north. The project culminated in a night of forum theatre–three new plays created by and for the community about substance abuse, domestic violence and religious sectarianism. This project also forged a new apprenticeship paradigm for ImaginAction as apprentices worked side-by-side with Hector. We intend to continue offering this uniquely immersive training opportunity in the future, so stay tuned for more information on upcoming apprenticeship projects!


ImaginAction in Belfast, October 2011

The following autumn, we returned to Northern Ireland–not to Derry, but her sister city Belfast in the west.

Following a similar apprenticeship model, Hector mentored three artists–Allegra Fonda-Bonardi, Uri Noy-Meir and Christine Baniewicz–and as a team, the four worked with a variety of groups in Belfast. At 174 Trust, a youth community reconciliation project, we brought bi-weekly workshops and theatre games. Uri introduced the video camera to the group, and spearheaded our editing efforts to produce the video you see above.

We also worked with the Pathways program from at-risk youth. Working with three groups of teens–Protestant, Catholic, and one mixed group–we introduced the basics of forum theatre, image theatre and improvisation. Uri led participatory photography exercises. Christine gave poetry workshops. At the culmination of our time together, we presented a video of their work:

This project was made possible through cooperation with Pauline Ross and the Derry Playhouse.