Michigan Social Justice conference

Hector Aristizabal will be facilitating Theater of The Oppressed workshops and performing at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan at the Social Justice Conference 2009.  This event will bring together social justice organizations and activists from different corners of the University of Michigan campus to share their issues and experiences with the broader community. The point is to bridge the gap in understanding between individuals coming from a diversity of different backgrounds and, in particular, to highlight the interconnectedness of the social justice issues that are being advocated for. We hope that this will help conference participants to uncover the core, structural issues at the root of many societal problems and to will help to build more unified social action not only on this campus but the community that we all live in. The conference will take place on the weekend of April 4th in the Dana Building at the University of Michigan Campus. It is free to register and attend. Check out to find out more information. Contact if you have any questions or concerns.

Some of Hector Aristizabal activities will include:

On thursday the 2nd (from 5-10) Theater of the Oppressed workshop.

On friday the 3rd (from 8-10pm)  NightWind Performance and TO intro

On saturday and sunday, Hector will participate in panel discussions and will offer image theater as a way to process the issues discussed.

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