Legislative Theatre by ImaginAction and Formaat at International Community Arts Festival, Rotterdam, March 28th

From March 7 through 13, internationally renowned Theatre of the Oppressed practitioners Hector Aristizábal and Luc Opdebeeck have been experimenting with Boal’s Legislative theatre techniques at the van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven. Their intervention, Legislative Theatre in The City,  was part of the ARTE ÚTIL [useful art] manifestation at the Van Abbe Museum. There, they created a so called ‘anti-model’ with important issues and difficulties for the participants around immigration, integration and women rights. They will perform this anti-model for you at ICAF. You will be invited to react verbally or physically get in on the action. Hector and Luc will also share some of their methods and explain the ins and outsof Legislative Theatre, which from Brazil to Afghanistan has proven to be an effective tool for enhancing people’s involvement in generating new legislation from the bottom up.
March 28 at 11AM
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