Introduction to Therapeutic Theater and Ritual


Please join us in a rare Los Angeles workshop opportunity to learn and play with Hector Aristizabal. An internationally acclaimed leader of Theater of the Oppressed.

The workshop will be on 2/18-2/19 from 9-5pm at The Flintridge Foundation. Cost is $160.

During the workshop, we will use theater to tap into that deep well in order to awaken what has been called the inner genius or the gift that we each came to the world to give. Indigenous traditions call this inner secret the medicine, the wisdom we may gain from healing our own wounds. Our group will become a sudden village and a human laboratory as we use our own stories and interests to explore diverse methodologies which will help us imagine alternatives to our common challenges and provide opportunities for communal healing.

Hector will share his personal experience as well as what he has discovered through many years of work with communities in war-torn and post-conflict zones. In his work he combines Theater of the Oppressed, Theater of Witness, Playback Theater, The Work that Reconnects and other forms. The specific methods will arise from the group’s own dynamic but will include the exploration of personal story/myths, dream work, rainbow of desire/cops-in-the-head and the design of rituals using natural elements and body-centered work.

Please RSVP HERE and contact Arrowyn Ambrose to reserve your spot : 310-773-6165