Intersections of Privilege and Oppression: Christine to co-facilitate month-long T.O. training January 2013!

You are invited to join a four-week/16 hour interactive workshop!

Theatre of the Oppressed 101: Intersections of Privilege and Oppression

Facilitated by Sarah Shourd and Christine Baniewicz

In this workshop we will explore the way that race, class, gender and sexuality intersect, overlap, and intertwine within us—both as individuals and communities. With theatre games and exercises, we will engage our minds and bodies in creative play, bringing our whole selves to the practice as we investigate WHY we do WHAT we do and imagine alternatives. The course will culminate in a live forum theatre performance that you can invite your loved ones to on Saturday, February 2nd!

RSVP NOW! Let us know if you can commit to the first session, and if your fancy is tickled, you may join us for the next four weeks!

Dates: Jan. 9th-Feb 2
(4 Wednesdays: 6:30-8pm and 2 Saturdays: 2-4pm)

Location: The Holdout (2313 San Pablo Ave, Oakland CA)
No cost. No experience needed!

About T.O.–

Theatre of the Oppressed (T.O.) is a form of theatre originally developed through Brazilian visionary Augusto Boal’s work with peasant farmers. It’s now used all over the world for social and political activism and personal empowerment. T.O. invites critical thinking; it’s about “acting” rather than just talking.

About the facilitators–

CHRISTINE BANIEWICZ writes, composes, and leads applied theatre workshops around the world. She graduated with a degree in Theatre Studies from Louisiana State University, and currently serves as an associate artist with the Los Angeles-based nonprofit, ImaginAction. Christine has facilitated workshops and performances in the US, Northern Ireland, and most recently Jenin Refugee Camp in occupied Palestine. For more info, please click here.

SARAH SHOURD is a writer and international solidarity activist based in Oakland, California. Sarah was living in the Middle East, working as a journalist and teaching Iraqi refugees, when she was captured by Iranian forces some where along an unmarked border between Iran and Iraq in July ’09 and subsequently held hostage in solitary confinement for 410 days. She has written for The New York Times, Newsweek’s Daily Beast, has a blog on Huffington Post and is currently working on a book with about her experience in Iran. Sarah is a also an advocate against the use of prolonged solitary confinement. For more info visit