Internship and TO Festival in China June 4th to June 16′ 2012

Environmental Community-Based Theatre Program Coordinator
Green Camel Bell Cooperating Partner
2011-2012 Compton Mentor Fellowship
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For the last few years ImaginAction has been developing an internship/mentoring program for people interested in the practice of Augusto Boal-inspired techniques and community-based theater.  We have offered this mentoring opportunity in Northern Ireland, Colombia, The Basque Country, among other places. We are processing applications for practitioners interested in coming with us to China and be part of the Lanzhou International Community-Based Theatre Environmental Education Festival.
This festival is being organized by Allegra Fonda-Bonardi who has been introducing community-based theatre techniques to main land China for the last 6 months and whom participated in ImaginAction’s internships in the past.   Look at the description below and contact us for more information.
Lanzhou International Community-Based Theatre Environmental Education Festival 
Time: June 4th–June 16th, 2012
Location: Lanzhou, China
Internship Description:
To be part of a cultural exchange festival between Chinese community-based theatre 
practitioners and foreign community-based theater practitioners 
focused on environmental education themes. 
Festival structure: 
Week 1: Masterclasses for local practitioners and guests by Imaginaction International
 and Hong Kong-based Center for Community Cultural Development, one of the oldest 
community-based theatre groups in Asia, specializing in Playforward theatre (an expansion 
on the principles of Playback theatre); creation of an original work in one week. 
June 10th-11th: Performances by guest artists groups and local community-based theatre groups (both 
pre-arranged works and the piece created in the Masterclasses during Week 1) 
Week 2: Local artists + guest artists team up to give workshops in three selected communities
in and around Lanzhou: HuiNing Village Ecological Cooperative; the Lanzhou 4th Minority Secondary School
high school students and educational community; the Lanzhou City Environmental Education Department
(communities subject to change) 

Allegra Fonda-Bonardi