10-16.9.2017 – “7Th International Gathering on Rights of Passage in the Wilderness“ Munich

“International Gathering on Rights of Passage in the Wilderness“

Hector Aristizabal will be participating in the:

“International Gathering on Rights of Passage in the Wilderness“ that will take place from Sunday,September 10th to  Saturday, September  16th in Koenigsdorf in Bavaria in Southern Germany near Munich.


Dear international community,

We, the ‘German-speaking network of visionquest-guides invite you in great anticipation to the

7th International Gathering
on Rites of Passage in the Wilderness

which will take place between 10th and 16th of september 2017 in the ‘Jugendsiedlung Hochland’ in the village Königsdorf near Munich.
It will be an international meeting for people and groups from around the world who work with initiatory and transformative processes in and with nature.

The International Gathering will be

• a celebration of the reunion of friends and colleagues from all over the world,
• to provide mutual information on the development of the various forms of our common work,
• a professional exchange and learning from each other,
• dedicated to networking with each other as well as with groups interested in our work
• a field of inquiry on how we can react to the current world events with our initiatory work – and what it requires of us
• provide a platform to develop new projects and bring them into the world.

Both, before and after the international gathering, numerous workshops are offered in different formates.

For more information on this amazing gathering click here

Among other activities Hector will offer a presentation on:

Initiatory Theater for the Urban Jungle
‘ImaginAction’s work in Colombia and Worldwide
Theater began as ritual and ritual is the place where humanity heals. With this understanding, ImaginAction uses theater as a laboratory for the creation of a ritual space which becomes a site of reconciliation.  

          Working as a therapist with troubled youth, gang members, incarcerated people, and those at the end of life allowed me to see that being modern seems to mean, among other things, being “uninitiated”. This led me to my interest in rites of passage and initiation.  Today, as I work toward reconciliation in war zones and to sustain post-conflict agreements, as well as in the officially peaceful societies where the social fabric has frayed, I use theater to signify the passage from war to peace, youth to adulthood, life to death.
Our bodies set the stage for our lives. Theater, as a collective activity, re-connects us to each other while Mother Nature is our main teacher and guide. Together we conjure ancestral wisdom to help us heal each other as we play in the laboratory of initiatory theater.