“InExActArt,The Autopoietic Theatre of Augusto Boal” by Birgit Fritz

Translated from the German Original by Ralph Yarrow and Lana Sendzimir

With contributions by Julian Boal, Barbára Santos, Sanjoy Ganguly, Ralph Yarrow and Hector Aristizábal

This handbook not only provides a very wide-ranging introduction and orientation to the world of the Theatre of the Oppressed, but Birgit Fritz also presents concrete and practical assistance for structuring basic workshops in process-oriented theatre work and in developing Forum Theatre plays.
Birgit Fritz explores the working principles of emancipatory theatre work and somatic learning in depth. She gives numerous examples of the work and life of theatre groups and reveals fascinating possibilities of how Theatre for social change can be successfully linked with social and political commitment, so that artistic process can bring about cross-generational collaboration, develop social democracy and operate as an active force for peace.

318 pages, with many ill., Paperback. 2012
ISBN 978-3-8382-0423-9—Theaterwissenschaft/InExActArt—The-Autopoietic-Theatre-of-Augusto-Boal.html?XTCsid=fe32e58dbe0eeb4939148873e078db65