Theatre of the Oppressed Workshop in Milano-Italy, July 11-15

Picture on the right: ©Bettina Frenzel,

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The workshop led by Hector Aristizabal will be an introduction to the various possibilities of applying the different methods of Theatre of the Oppressed in order to stimulate and awaken our imagination and to create concrete opportunities of transformation regarding  the reality that surrounds us.

The workshop is open to everyone – people with or without experience in the field of theatre, active TO-practitioners, educators, teachers, social workers, curious people interested in the approaches of participative theater, arts activists, etc. .

In addition, Hector Aristizabal will bring his performance Nightwind.


The program begins with a 30-minute performance based on Hector Aristizábal’s true story of being arrested and tortured by the US-supported military in Colombia. After his release, he witnessed the killings of many of his friends. In exile in the United States, his taxes fund the war in Iraq including torture at Abu Ghraib and the continued bloodshed in his country. In 1999, when Aristizábal’s brother was abducted and killed by the paramilitary, his own rage and desire for violent revenge was awakened–what he calls “the terrorist within.” Inspired by his own young children, he finds ways to re-channel this terroristic energy into constructive action.
Aristizábal’s movement-based performance becomes a springboard for audience members to explore issues of importance in their own lives. The direction of the workshop will change depending on audience member’s interests and desires.
 Immediately after the performance Hector invites the audience into a brief dynamic meditation as a way to provide catharsis to the different emotions awakened by the theater piece. Afterwards using the techniques of Theatre of the Oppressed (please see description below), Hector invites participants to express their reactions to the images of torture by creating their own images in response.
The content of the performance and the scenarios often lead to explorations of other cycles of violence – family violence, gang violence – and the exploration of ideas on how to break them.

The exact program of evening activities will be published shortly.


Location: ARCI La Scighera, via Candiani 133, Milan (Italy),

Dates: 11-15 July 2012

Working time: 5 days, total amount of 25hours, exact times still to be decided

Fee: 250€ + ARCI membership card (around 10/12€), possible to request reduction

Information and booking: reservations will be opened soon. To make a pre-reservation, don’t hesitate to write us under this link.

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