ImaginAction’s Apprenticeship Program 2012


In october and november 2012 Hector Aristizábal, ImaginAction’s creative director, will be developing the Apprenticeship program in Northern Ireland.

We have already a lo tof people interested, so please read the conditions below and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.





Aprenticeship position conditions: 

– Apprentices will commit to participate in the one-month residency in

Derry from October 6 to November 6, 2012 or our residency in

Belfast from November 8 to December 8, 2012

– Apprentices will contribute to the residency by offering concrete skills to the ImaginAction team

– Apprentices are responsible for covering their own costs except for a place to live, which will be arranged by Imaginaction and the proper agency.

– Apprentices must attend (by skype or equivalent voice technology) a briefing on each specific residency to be given by Alessia Cartoni and Imaginaction´s director Hector

Aristizábal upon selection for the apprenticeship position

– Apprentices will pay a lum sum of 500€ to cover for the many hours of group training and individualized work with Hector as well as the supervised work with the entire team.

– Apprentices will participate in all of the activities unless otherwise determined by the local groups that we will be working with.

– We are planning to have a team of no more than 4 people per city with diverse skills and levels of experience using theater of the oppressed and or other community based theater practices.

– All apprentices will participate in the master classes that will be offer by Hector Aristizábal with the different groups.

– Each day we will process the work and reflect on our praxis. We will document our discussions and we will also try to document with video and photograph the process with the groups (when appropriate)

– Each apprentice will have individualized meetings with Hector to address specific issues related to the goals and challenges experienced by the apprentice.

– Each apprentice will have the opportunity to try out their own jokering skills with the different groups that we will be working with. The team will focus on helping the apprentice develop their own style of work    becoming aware of their unique gifts as well as addressing specific challenges.


Regarding the logistics:

The team will stay in the same place (a large residency) with a comfortable place for each person.

We will divide the costs of food and arrange basic maintenance of the place as well as cooking schedules. (We have done this in the past without major difficulties)


We are looking forward to this experience of mutual learning!!!


Costs (estimated): 

**If you are a university student, there are almost certainly funds available through your study abroad offices if you investigate, in the past apprentices have been able to receive academic credit for the experience as well!!

500€ to cover for the many hours of group training and individualized work with Hector as well as the supervised work with the entire team

Your City of origin to Belfast:  (for current flight costs, please check

Travel costs from Belfast to Derry: (for those doing the residency in Derry) is about 24 pounds by bus.

Food for the entire month will be purchase and prepare by the team according to needs and desires.

Regarding the specific sites, organizations and the content of the work that we will be doing while in Northern Ireland we will be updating you and providing you with materials to read as it becomes more clear. We will be partnering with the Derry Playhouse and the ICAN project as well as other community based organizations both in Derry and Belfast.

For people interested please contact:

Alessia Cartoni – ImaginAction´s Internship program Coordinator


Spanish phone: +34 667 007 263

skype: alessiacartoni