ImaginAction’s Alessia Cartoni and Hector Aristizabal will be presenting at the Nordic Conference in Bergen, Norway-April 18 and 19

The 18th Nordic conference for therapists and care-givers who work with traumatized refugees

The conference traditionally touches on and explores many aspects of work with traumatized refugees, both  children and adults: from treatment methods, interventions and instruments, preventative and resilience-promoting work,  to the reception of refugees, religion and culture, laws and Human Rights.

On April 18, Hector Aristizábal will be presenting Nightwind, his solo performance with participatory workshop about his own experience as a survivor of torture from Colombia. The same day he will be leading a workshop with the tools of Theatre of the Oppressed on the topic “From Social Justice to Healing”.

On April 19 Alessia Cartoni will present a theatrical monologue on gender based/sexual orientation reflecting on the use of Art and storytelling as a way to resignify trauma working with refugees and torture survivors.