ImaginAction Residency in Belfast-Northern Ireland-September and October

For the 6th time, ImaginAction will be back in Northern Ireland to offer its blend of tools and creative methods during 8 weeks in Belfast, where we will work with different communities.

So far ImaginAction has trained local theater practitioners and other professionals in the use of Theater of the Oppressed and other methods to address issues related to post-conflict society and reconciliation. We have worked with groups from both Catholic and Protestant backgrounds including ex-combatants, troubled youth, and children on issues including violence and suicide prevention. More than 25 internationals have benefited from one-month Apprenticeships with ImaginAction thanks to this collaboration.

ImaginAction wants you to join us on our next project! Here you can find information about this unique opportunity to learn community based theatre practices by doing it with the mentorship of experienced practitioner Hector Aristizabal and the coordination of Alessia Cartoni.

ImaginAction in Northern Ireland, from September 2nd to October 30th, 2013.