Hector at Anderson University, Indiana


February 23-25, 2010

Hector Aristizabal recently performed ‘Nightwind’ at Anderson University, Indiana. The performance was followed by two workshops: ‘Awaken Your Imagination’, open to all, and ‘Transformational Teaching’, with students and faculty members from Anderson University.

Here is what Marion Osborne Berky had to say about Hector’s visit:

Dear Hector,

Students are still talking about your work with them last week.  One student in class this morning said, “I miss Hector.”  You did have a profound influence on a number of folks here.  You stretched some, you encouraged and invigorated others, and you challenged all of them to work out of their passions.  Thank you!

Marian Osborne Berky

Anderson University Peace and Conflict Transformation Program


For more information about this visit, please click on this link: Anderson