Hector Aristizabal named a candidate for Livia Award

We just learned that the Livia Foundation of Denmark has listed its 2010 nominees and Hector is among them along with such remarkable organizations as the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission.

The awards are given due to criteria of constructive conflict resolution, on the basis of professional principles for handling conflicts:

  • to create possibilities of genuine communication between adversaries and enemies
  • to maintain contact with the adversary and insist on negotiation / dialogue
  • to spot an escalation at an early stage and take steps to relaxation of tension
  • to create turnings-points  in escalated conflicts and make contact and negotiation possible
  • to fight for one’s truth without violence
  • to support the parties after a conflict, that they can exist together, heal the wounds and come nearer to a reconciliation
  • to construct a workable preparedness for constructive conflicts handling in local communities

The LIVIA Awards are given to people, who live by these principles in societal conflicts and who – with surprising creativity and courage – when all hopes seem blocked, create ways to transform conflicts into new possibilities.

It is an honor to be considered.