FROM VISION INTO ACTION-Workshop in Oslo, Norway

OSLO-NORWAYIn this 2 day workshop we will use some basic Theatre of the Oppressed techniques to explore some of the topics that nowadays are being debated by norwegian society.

INSIDE/OUTSIDE: in this workshop we will deal with question of inclusion/exclusion?Respect or Tolerance? in relation to current Norwegian society.
The challenge is to debate these topics not with words or with our agendas, but embracing the questions on stage, by rehearsing together alternatives that could lead to transformation.
With Rainbow of Desire and Cops-in-the-Head techniques we will explore our desires and confront our internalized oppressions. We will use Boal’s methodology “to make visible the invisible” and engage in the most important struggle a person can ever engage in …. the struggle to become oneself. For us to contribute to the world we live in we need to fully embrace who we are.

This workshop is ideal for TO practitioners working with marginalized groups, TO jokers, people interested in social work, mental health and healing, as well as actors, teachers, artists and activists.

Facilitated by Hector Aristizábal and Alessia Cartoni

*workshop in english with translation in Norwegian if needed


Where: Oslo Teatersenter (TRAFO)
Days: Monday 22nd – Tuesday 23rd April 2013
Time: 09:00 – 17:00
Price: 800 kr regular price/600 kr student price (total for both days)
Max nr of participants: 35
Account number: 9722 5538 305. Mark the payment with “TO Workshop + your full name”.
Register and contact:,
phone 480 61 099

***Please, It’s not sufficient to click “Attending” on Facebook. You have to pay the workshop fee in order to confirm your participation. Thanks!***

Deadline for payment and registration: Monday 8th April 2013