Hector Aristizabal and Alessia Cartoni to facilitate: From Vision into Action-Oakland, California

Think of a topic that moves you—a social injustice or political cause. Maybe you have been working for years on this topic, seeking to transform it into something different, or maybe it’s a sleeping impulse, a quiet, living question.

What will you learn?
For three days master facilitators Hector Aristizabal and Alessia Cartoni will join us in our questions for a transformative 3-day (16 hour) training in the living art of Forum Theatre and Theater of the Oppressed Techniques.
Over the course of the training, Hector and Alessia will use a variety of techniques—forum and image theatre, storytelling, creative ritual and dance—to create a playful, curious atmosphere in which we can explore the community’s most challenging questions together.

Many of these techniques have been developed over the pair’s more than 30 years of combined experience making theatre in settings of protracted conflict around the world—Palestine, Northern Ireland, Colombia, and Sudan.

Who is it for?
This training is ideal for both seasoned T.O. practitioners looking to deepen their facilitation, forum theater and joker skills, as well as those new to the art (and to theatre at all!).
Artists, teachers, youth workers, activists and organizers are all welcome to join us as we use theatre to transform our political visions into action—and have fun doing it.

What is Theater of the Oppressed and Forum Theater?
More information can be found at ImagainAction’s website:

January 31st- February 2nd
Friday: 6:00-9:30 PM
5:45 arrival (to sign in, stretch and get ready to start)
Please eat before arriving.
6:00pm Start
Saturday/Sunday: 10-5 PM
(There will be lunch potluck lunch breaks)

FRIDAY: at the Pacific Center 2712 Telegraph Ave Berkeley CA 94705
SAT & SUN: Movement Strategy Center: 436 14th St., 5th floor Oakland, CA 94612


Registration FORM[H4] [H5] :

This masterclass can only accommodate 25, so please RSVP with HEATHER at to reserve your spot today!


HECTOR ARISTIZABAL was born and raised in Medellín, Colombia when it was the most dangerous city in the world. He worked his way out of poverty to become a theatre artist and pioneering psychologist with a Masters degree from Antioquia University, then survived civil war, arrest and torture at the hands of the US-supported military. In 1989, violence and death threats forced him to leave his homeland. Since arriving in the US, he has won acclaim and awards as an artist and also received a second Masters degree, in Marriage and Family Therapy, leading him to combine his training in psychology and the arts with lessons gained from his therapeutic work with torture and trauma survivors, incarcerated youth, immigrant families, and people affected by HIV/AIDS. As an activist, he uses theatrical performance for community building and reconciliation, inviting participants to explore embodied knowledge, challenge the inevitability of violence, and use their imaginations for a more just and joyous life for all people.

ALESSIA CARTONI holds a BA in Cultural & Social Anthropology and Art History from UAM University in Madrid. She also studied Dramatic Arts at Juan Carlos Corazza’s Studio in Madrid, Spain and has acting experience on film, television and the stage. As a social educator Alessia has done therapeutic work with both children and adolescents whom are under the custody of IMMF, Instituto Madrileño del Menor y la Familia (The Madrid Institute for the protection of children and Families). As a member of the therapeutic team, Alessia tapped the healing power of creativity and imagination to help these children symbolize their difficult ordeals. Most recently Alessia combined her training as an actor and anthropologist with projects of international cooperation. In Sudan she developed forum theater pieces dealing with female genital mutilation, forced marriage, and other issues; in Spain, she developed art therapy workshops to sensitize people around the difficult conditions of South Sudan.

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