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We are Earth France / Communitas: make a garden on every border!

June 9 @ 1:00 pm - June 13 @ 5:00 pm

We are Earth France
Communitas: make a garden on every border!

Roy Hart Centre, Malérargues, France
9-13 JUNE 2019

We are looking for 6 people to join a unique program co created and offered by ImaginAction facilitators Uri Noy Meir and Ilaria Olimpico (TheAlbero) and Carol Mendelsohn (RH) in the beautiful and inspirational setting of the château de Malérargues; Roy Hart Centre in the south of France.

In the early morning session we will explore “the Edge Effect”, an ecological concept that describes how there is a greater diversity of life in the region where the edges of two adjacent ecosystems overlap (1). We will explore the diversity and beauty of the edge through the design of the community terrace-garden, a project which started in 2016 with the “Communitas and the garden of the human voice”(2).

Theater research
In the late morning sessions, we will explore the concept of “the Edge as Border” through theater and stories. The Image, the Movement and the Space will be the roots of our research (3). Our work will be in dialogue and synergy with the voice work and the garden work.

Voice work
In the afternoons sessions, we will liberate our voices with renowned voice teachers; Singing, as defined by Alfred Wolfsohn and Roy Hart, is an extraordinary idealistic and demanding proposal. While no prior experience in singing or voice work is required, it is in our opinion, a truly life changing experience, to discover your own voice(4)


We implement a transition economy model to allow the program to be both sustainable and accessible for all.
We established a basic fee of 250 euro + a free contribution according to one’s own ability, skill and will (this fee includes accommodation and training costs; while for food we will buy and cook our food together).


Contact ilarialmp@gmail.com specifying in the object of the email: Communitas: make a garden on every border!



(1) https://deepgreenpermaculture.com/permaculture/permaculture-design-principles/10-edge-effect/

(2) http://roy-hart-theatre.com/news-events/communal-garden-project/

(3)Communitas: make a garden on every border is part of the research journey: We are Earth https://thealbero.wordpress.com/2019/01/08/we-are-earth/

(4) http://roy-hart-theatre.com


June 9 @ 1:00 pm
June 13 @ 5:00 pm